1Piece is a donationware. Please donate if you use and like 1Piece. The donation is not mandatory. The functions of 1Piece will not be restricted regardless of whether or not you donate.

I accept donations in cryptocurrencies. The addresses of the cryptocurrencies are as follows:

Bitcoin (BTC) 364AQUAp96E4axKBwuo1sip4CjeiH5FmkV BTC QR
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 364AQUAp96E4axKBwuo1sip4CjeiH5FmkV BCH QR
Ethereum (ETH) 0xc3FcAE340DB6f70cd74276816e1A5F70A564C9af ETH QR
Ethereum Classic (ETC) 0xc3FcAE340DB6f70cd74276816e1A5F70A564C9af ETC QR
Litecoin (LTC) LVYVBafX1yQyJPd3SXSS2tZDPu8mdyztyK LTC QR
Monacoin (MONA) MMEf19CSGERDPKxbXnyvZzvq5goAUvumYj MONA QR
Lisk (LSK) 17696083796741321319L LSK QR

For donors

I appreciate to your donation. The money you donated will be used for the development fee of 1Piece.